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Keith Wilson speaking a podium to a large crowd.

A business and non-profit leader who will bring REAL CHANGE to Portland

Keith Wilson standing in front of his trucks at TITAN Frieght Systems.

My Portland roots grow deep. I attended Portsmouth Middle School, Roosevelt High School, Portland Community College, Oregon State University, and the University of Portland. I spent my first five years out of school working in New York, London, and New Zealand, and my travels eventually took me to over thirty countries. As much as I loved what I did and learned, the pull of my hometown was too great, and I returned to join the small freight business my father founded. 

I’m proud of my time in the trucking industry and my role in transforming our family company. I grew the business six times over and hired a team where more than half of our management are women, BIPOC, or LGBTQ+. Our equity and safety culture is unparalleled, and we’ve done it while building the most environmentally-friendly fleet in Oregon. 

Keith Wilson standing in front of his trucks at TITAN Frieght Systems.
Keith Wilson standing in front of his trucks at TITAN Frieght Systems.

I am the son of a truck driver and an Avon Lady, born and raised in North Portland. There were five kids, one with special needs, all crammed into a 900-square-foot, two-bedroom home. It may have been a small house, but we filled it with big hearts, and my parents taught us the value of hard work, community, civic responsibility, and that everybody—and I mean everybody—matters. 

I am also the founder of Shelter Portland, an innovative non-profit organization making progress in the battle to end unsheltered homelessness. I have assembled a team of experts with a winning blueprint to compassionately and immediately eliminate unsheltered homelessness without further burdening our taxpayers. We’ve seen real results but have so much more work to do. 

Keith's family posing at his son's graduation.
Keith being silly with his two children when they were young.

My heart is in Portland. I met my wife, Katherine, here. I raised my children Lilianna and Noah here. 

Keith Wilson and his friend Matt Perkins testing nighttime emergency shelters.
A walk-in nighttime emergency shelter with mats on the floor for sleeping.

Shelter Portland nighttime emergency shelter testing. Keith and Matt Perkins, a friend who has been houseless for five years, staying overnight at a test nighttime emergency shelter to gain advice from a person with lived experience on what works and what does not.

I’m running for mayor to bring REAL CHANGE to Portland.

Keith camping with Word is Bond founder.
Keith cooking with Word is Bond youth leaders.

Boyz ‘n the Woods - Lost Lake Resort campground. Non-profit Word is Bond Executive Director Lakayana Drury and Vice Chair Keith Wilson leading 15 young Portland future leaders on an annual camping trip.

The same city politicians and their failed policies got us into this mess, they cannot be trusted to get us out. We need a new mayor with a proven record of delivering results. 


I’m grateful for the opportunity to serve a community that has given me so much, and I want to return Portland to the most livable city in the world. If you want this too, I hope you’ll join me.


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