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Keith Wilson speaks to a large crowd at the Charles Jordan Community Center during his campaign kickoff in February

for Portland

Keith Wilson standing in Cathedral Park in Portland, Oregon

Fellow Portlanders,


I am a father, a neighbor, and a proud Portlander with a vision for a city that is crying out for real change. 


We all see the pain of our unsheltered neighbors, the devastating impact on our community, and the unsustainable strain on local government. 


Enough is enough. We refuse to accept the status quo. Within one year, I’ll end unsheltered homelessness in our city.


You’ve heard promises before. Here’s the hard-won experience that will make this a reality. 


In addition to my decades as an executive, I am also the founder of Shelter Portland, an innovative non-profit organization making progress in the battle to end unsheltered homelessness. I have assembled a team of experts with a winning blueprint to compassionately and immediately eliminate unsheltered homelessness without further burdening our taxpayers. We’ve seen real results but have so much more work to do. 


Reforming our approach to unsheltered homelessness is a big challenge, but it isn’t my first. My transformational leadership took a decades-old trucking business, eliminated all fossil fuel usage in Portland, and built an unmatched safety culture while growing the company six times over. I want to bring that same award-winning innovation and operational competence to the city we love.


The city politicians and their failed policies that got us into this mess can’t be trusted to get us out. We need real change for our great city.


I’m rolling up my sleeves to get to work, and I want you by my side. Let’s build Portland’s future together. 

Keith WIlson's cursive signature.

Keith Wilson


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Elected Leaders


Executive Director of Northwest Pilot Project

Ken Thrasher

Executive Director of Community Warehouse

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